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Whole of Life Insurance

whole of life insurance

Important Facts about Whole of Life Insurance Cover Without being too morbid and gloomy, nothing in life ever lasts forever, including our time on this earth. When the time comes for us to shuffle off of this mortal coil, we need to know that our loved ones and dependents are themselves financially secure in our […]

Life Insurance Benefits

life insurance

4 Reasons to Purchase Life Insurance Cover In life, there are two inevitabilities: Death, and taxes. Whilst we can’t do anything about the taxman, there are things we can do to prepare for the future. Life insurance is one of those things that virtually everybody needs, yet few people actually go ahead and take out […]

Critical Illness Insurance

critical illness

What You Need to Know Whereas we never know what the future may hold, as the saying goes, it is always best to be prepared. Without sound too morbid, we believe in transparency and being as black and white as possible, and we certainly won’t be sugar-coating anything. In life, very few things are certain, […]