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Thinking of going to one of those big Comparison Sites for Sainsbury’s Bank Mortgage Protection Insurance quotes?? Well good luck with that!

Their forms are so loooooong & complicated AND are you REALLY getting the best deal?

Also, what happens when you get to a tricky question that you don’t fully understand?

Why not let the friendly UK-based experts we work with, help you?

They’re passionate about fantasic customer service and they really know the INSURANCE market inside out!

They can find the right policy for you including Sainsbury’s Bank Mortgage Protection Insurance and set it up there and then, leaving you free

to enjoy the rest of your day, knowing your loved ones are financially protected.

There are absolutely no fees and definitely no hard sell!

Mortgage protection insurance, as you might expect, is put in place to provide protection for the mortgage so that policy holders do not lose their family homes. It is sometimes known as decreasing life insurance and it basically means that the pay-outs from these policies get smaller over time, because obviously the longer it lasts, the less payments there will be on the mortgage. So, as an example, if you were to take out a policy for twenty years and pass away five years into the policy, the lump sum pay-out would be much higher than if you had passed away, say, seventeen years into the term. This is where it differs from level term insurance where the pay-out is the same, no matter how long the policy lasts, or how soon into the policy the policy holder passes away. It is also different from increasing term insurance, whereby the pay-out increases with each passing year.

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What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an insurance policy that provides peace of mind.

Dependents will be financially provided for in the unfortunate event of the insured’s death.

There is no guaranteed payout, as there no guarantee that you will die, similarly with car insurance, it is “just in case” and provides comfort in knowing your loved ones will not suffer financial hardship if you are no longer around.

You fix the term for the policy, for example, 15 years, or you might have a particular date in mind for instance when the children are at an age less likely to be financially dependent upon you.

Sometimes life insurance is obligatory, as many lenders will insist on it to cover the cost of a mortgage on a property in the event of your death.

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How does Life Insurance Work?

A life insurance policy works in a similar way as any other insurance policy, take out insurance and pay monthly or annual premiums.

There will be a certain amount of form filling, answering questions regarding your age, health, lifestyle choices known as “risks”,these risks will all factor into the monthly premiums, e.g. the higher the risk, the higher the premium.

If the insured person were to die when the policy is in force, the insurance provider will pay out the agreed fixed sum, usually in a lump sum, to the beneficiaries of the policy.

Once the life insurance policy reaches the end of the fixed term, there is an option to renew it, but it would need restarting as a new policy based on the insured’s current age and health and lifestyle factors.

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Why Should I Take out Life Insurance?

There are a few reasons to consider life insurance.

The number one reason is financial protection for your dependents to lessen the devastating effects when main householder’s earnings suddenly cease.

Daily struggles include paying the mortgage and household bills, any debts outstanding and long-term saving towards university or retirement.Life insurance offers a practical solution and peace of mind for loved ones to enable them to continue life without financial worries or burdens.

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*£10 premium is based on £150,000 of level term cover for a non-smoking individual aged 30 next birthday and in good health. Prices correct 04/19

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